“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” Best Wishes

I wanted to write a quick post, to extend best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. As I started to write, I stopped to consider what ‘Best Wishes’ actually are.

I realised, best wishes a parent may have for a child may be different from the best wishes one friend, may extend to another. Christmas and New Year is a time that has different meaning for many people. Some are on holidays, while for others it is the busiest time of year. Certainly this is a busy time for the Queensland Police Service.

After working many Christmases and New Years, I decided rather than just write best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. I would share the sentiment behind the words ‘Best Wishes’ from the perspective of the police. As I compiled a list of a few of the many best wishes, it became evident that no magic is needed for these wishes to come true. Just the people of Queensland working together.

Please work with us, to make our best wishes come true!

Wish 1.  You travel safely and no harm comes to anyone on our roads.

Wish 2.  Other people’s behaviour does not ruin your Christmas and New Year.

Wish 3.  Your behaviour does not ruin someone else’s Christmas and New Year.

Wish 4.  That we have no need to knock on your door.

Wish 5.  You all end up on the nice list.

Wish 6.  If you are struggling to cope, please let us know so we can help you.

Wish 7.  That you, your family and friends have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year!!

Best Wishes!!!

From the Queensland Police Service Academy.


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